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Doing sport
Doing sport

"Ian...if we´re done here...I´m going to kill you!",Anthony Padilla breathed heavily,his face red and
clothes soaked with sweat.
"Well,you gotta be way faster to catch me in the first place",Ian Hecox laughed,not one little sign of
effort in his appearance.
Anthony sighed,whose idea was this again?Oh yeah,his.Anthony wasn´t overweight,no,but there was a big difference between being thin and fit.His condition was screwed and sometimes he got tired after just going upstairs.Even Kalel mocked him about it!So Anthony thought that exercising with his best friend could be fun.And here he was now,panting and sweating like he just ran a marathon.
"Could we do at least a short break,please?",the dark haired boy asked,sounding more desperate,than he actually intended.
Ian turned and Anthony gave his best puppy eye look.
"Fine,I think you really deserve a break right now",Ian winked.
"Oh,how fucking generous of you",Anthony scoffed but he was thankful nonetheless.
The two sat down on the next bench while Ian took out a water bottle out of his bag.
Anthony looked around,this place was really beautiful.The sun shone through green leaf canopys and casted big shadows on the ground,some squirrels looked for nuts to prepare for a hard winter,that would probably never come.The grass seemed greener than usuall and also the heaven was incredible blue today.But when the larger boy looked back again at his friend he was met with a blue that made the sky look like a kid´s painting.
"Want some?",Ian held out his water bottle,a questioning look in his eyes,cheeks still red from the running.
Anthony couldn´t answer,he could only look at this gorgeous eyes.His heart suddenly beat faster and his thoughts became a clouded mess.Not again,damnit,he swore mentally.All those feelings weren´t new for him,in fact,he experienced them pretty often the last time.Allways blaming the heath or a possible flu for it,Anthony couldn´t accept the fact that he fall in love with his best friend.He had a girlfriend,okay?!There was no way he could be gay!
"Earth to Anthony,come back from your rainbow and unicorn filled world",Ian laughed and waved his hand slidely in front of Anthony´s face.
"Huh?",confused the dark haired boy snaped back to reality.
"I asked,if you want some water,too.Are you all right?",blue eyes shone with concern.
"Yeah,thank you and yes,I´m alright"
"Was this bit of sport too much for little Anthony?",Ian mocked but still looking a bit concerned.
"Oh,shut up!",it was supposed to sound mad but a small chuckle escaped him anyway.
For some minutes the two YouTubers were quiet,just enjoying the sound of birds singing and the wind wispering in the leaves.An advantage of having Ian as his best friend was that they didn´t always had to talk,sometimes it was just enough to sit together in silence and enjoy the moment.Anthony never had times like this with Kalel.She always seemed to have the need to talk,mostly about herself.
"I love this place.Sometimes when Melanie comes over we come here,too",the voice of his best friend interrupted the silence.
Why do you have to mention Melanie right now?,Anthony whined mentally.And why am I jealous,anyway?Why can´t I just be happy for him?
"Can we go home now?I really need a shower!" ...and a distraction from all those thoughts,Anthony added in his mind.
"Yeah sure,I bet I´m home first",Ian smiled,a challenging glint in his eyes.
"Challenge accepted",Anthony grinned back.
The fact that Anthony ran slower that his friend had,of course,nothing to do with the view over Ian´s perfect ass that he got from behind.

"Home sweet home",Anthony almost collapsed against the front door,brushing a wisp of hair out of his face.
"Dude,I´m really proud of you!I mean of course you weren´t as fast as me but for a freshman you were great",Ian´s face was tomato-colored and his eyes were shining happily.
"Whatever,just open the door,okay?",the larger boy lowered his glance,afraid of his body´s reaction if he looked longer in those gorgeous eyes.Wow,act like a little pathetic school girl,I now have offically reached my lowest point in life.
Ian took out the keys out of his pocket,a loud rattling disturbed Anthony´s wallowing in self-pity.
"You know,I think we should do "Sport Time with Smosh" someday,the fans would love it!",a short crack signalised Anthony that the door was finally open.
With a short "I shower first",he stormed into the bathroom.
"But I won the bet,I have the right to shower first!",Ian protested,knowing that Anthony didn´t hear it anyway.
If you ever tortured your body with doing something stupid like sport then you know that finally standing under a shower afterwards,is one of the best feelings in the world.Well,for Anthony it indeed was.
But it didn´t matter how much water was splashing on his skin,he still felt dirty.His mind was still filled with several pictures of his best friends,crystal blue eyes with a heated look in them seemed to be burned into his thoughts,knowing that this look will never be directed at him but at Melanie.
Tears were running down Anthonys cheeks,flooding away with the water.
After the dark haired boy calmed down a bit,he stepped out of the shower,grabbed the towel,dried his hair and tied it around his waist,every movement monotonous,he felt like a robot.
"What took you so long,I was almost worried!",Ian asked and stood up from the couch.
Anthony didn´t response but he saw his best friend gazing at his body.There was something in his look...was it lust?No,that isn´t possible,I´m a man,for god´s sake!,Anthony reminded himself.
Finally Ian looked him in the eyes and those blue eyes that follow Anthony into his dreams,widened.
"Did you cry,Ant?What´s wrong",the brown haired boy´s voice was smooth and filled with worry.
"No,of course not,man.Crying is for little girls",Anthony lowered his head not wanting to see Ian´s worry anymore.
"Anthony,I´m your fucking best friend,you can tell me everything..."Ian suddely sounded much closer and when Anthony lifted his glance,his blue eyed friend was just inches away.
"I know,Ian but this isn´t something I´m gonna tell you ´cause...", suddenly a soft pair of lips broke his reply.
Electricity flashed through his body and without really thinking Anthony responded to the kiss.When he felt Ian´s tongue tracing over his lips,he oppened his mouth slightly,letting Ian in.Their tongues were having a fight without a winner.
When both had trouble with the lack of oxygen the YouTuber parted.A look of shock and fear of rejection  in both their eyes,but then Anthony smiled and laid his head on Ian´s shoulder.Gently he bit in Ian´s earlope before whispering.
"Take a shower,you smell"

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teehee!! i loveeeeeeed it!! i loved the end <3
also ADORABLE!! lol cant wait to read more of what you write <3

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