Pokémon was,in Anthony's opinion,the coolest game on earth.He was really proud of his great collection of colorful Pokémon trading cards that he either bought or won in a battle.His mother called it "a waste of money you could use for better things" but Anthony couldn't care less.His favorite card was a rare holo Pikachu doing one of his awesome thunder shocks with a little star in the corner.He once won it in a battle with Sean Thomas,the most popular guy at his school.Since that day,Pikachu was his good-luck card and he carried it everywhere he went.
Ian loved this card as well.Whenever Anthony played it,Ian's eyes began to sparkle in a way,that his best friend described as Ian's envious look.Usually Anthony would mock the blue eyed boy about it and Ian would deny everything.Until one day...

It was a clear dark night without any clouds in the sky,the full moon,big and bright seemed to watch over every little star,just like a mother.Anthony Padilla,sitting in his computer chair,enjoyed the impressing view for a moment.Until the silence was suddenly broken by a loud thudding at the front door.Who ever could this be?His parents were on a date tonight and it was impossible that they were already back.Slowly he walked to the door,wild thoughts and scenarios about who could be outside,were forming in his head.But when Anthony looked through the peephole and saw Ian standing there,eyes bloodshot and cheeks reddened,all worries were washed away and he opened the door in a rush.

"Ian!What happened?Why are you crying?"

"Um,can I come in first?",Ian asked,looking around uncomfortably.

Without an answer Anthony stepped aside and let Ian walk in.The honey brown-haired walked automatically in his best friend's room and sat down on whose bed.Anthony followed his example and eyed the boy in front of him.Ian's eyes were closed,his hair stuck out wildly from his head and small sobs escaped his throat.
"My parents.They were arguing again...I think...I think they will break up",another sob shook Ian's body.
Anthony didn't say anything.He just stoop up,got the Pikachu card,returned to Ian and handed over his beloved card to his best friend.Ian looked up and his eyes widened.

"Dude,that's your good-luck card,I can't accept it."

But the brown eyed thrusted it into Ian's hand and hugged his best friend.

"If it makes you happy,just for a moment,then I'm happy,too"

At this evening,Anthony was unmistakable,but Ian didn't get it.

Another lightening lighted up the dark room,followed by a loud thunder that sounded like bombs going off.For like the hundredth time that night,Anthony looked out,hoping to see Ian's car finally arrive in the driveway.No,it was still as empty as Anthony felt inside.

"Storm Kamilla still rages about California with an unbelieveable power.Several cars are already destroyed by big tree branches that have fallen down.Please don't go out unless it's really necessary."

Anthony sighed.No,he wouldn't go out anymore today.

Another lightening,another thunder.

Ian hated thunderstorms.When they were younger Ian would always hide under a bed,telling Anthony to make it go away.Anthony would laugh and tell Ian to stop being such a big baby.Today the brown haired would give anything for Ian being here,hiding under the bed,safe and at home.

"Fortunately no people were killed by Kamilla,yet.But local hospitals reported that some were injured,one man even is in mortal danger."

It can't be Ian,can it?No,they would call Anthony,if his best friend was hurt,wouldn't they?

Another lightening,another thunder.

Absentmindedly Anthony walked into Ian's room.A loud squeak from Charlie,the guinea pig,greeted him.

Hey,what are you looking at?Do I look like a pussy? I'm not afraid of fucking thunderstorms,Charlie seemed to mutter,his voice laced with a british accent.

Charlie hated thunderstorms,as well.Restlessly the pet ran around in his cage,looking for a safe place where he wouldn't hear the thunders anymore.Without a word,Anthony opened the cage,graped Charlie and placed him gently on his shoulder.

"Come Charlie,let's wait for Ian together,okay buddy?"

No,I want back in my cage,sucker!Just because you're lonely,doesn't mean I have to babysit you now.

"Oh,shut up",Anthony giggled and went back in the living room.

"Some streets are blocked due to the many tree branches and water.The police hasn't reported any new road accidents,yet"

Where was Ian now?Anthony hoped he was still at his parents house,wrapped up in thick blankets,drinking a hot tea.

Another lightening,another thunder.

Why wouldn't Ian answer his phone?Did something happen?The hundred and first time Anthony looked out.Still no car,no Ian.He laid down on the couch,Charlie now laying at his stomach,and watched the ceiling.Anthony was tired,really tired but how could he sleep when the most important person in his life was out there and fought a storm right now?

Another lightening,but before the thunder could tremble the air,Anthony was asleep.

When Ian came home,he found Anthony and Charlie sleeping on the couch.
"Storm Kamilla now moves toward the West Coast,leaving a scene of destruction behind.We are happy,though to tell you,that no one in the hospitals is seriously injured and"

Before the weatherman could go on,Ian shut off the TV.

"Weather channel,hm?How worried were you to actually watch something like that?",Ian giggled quietly.

He brought Charlie back into his cage and covered up Anthony with a blanket.But before Ian could walk into his room,a hand grabbed his wrist.

"I missed you",Anthony whispered.

"I'm back home",Ian smiled warmly.

In this night Anthony was impossible to be mistaken but Ian still didn't understand.

The cold air burned on his face,every breath came out as white mist and the freezing wind blew through every of his sweater,making him tremble in every limb.Anthony rubbed his hands together,hopelessly trying to warm himself up.Whose idea was it again to celebrate New Year's Eve at some friend's house in Boston?
The guilty one just stepped on the balcony and stood next to Anthony,their arms were touching-suddenly the cold wasn't that bad.

"Why are you out here?Come in,you're going to freeze your ass off",Ian gave him a confused look,eyes full of concern about his best friend's health.

"No,thanks.I would rather freeze to death out here than playing another round of lead-pouring"

Ian chuckled."I still don't know what mine was supposed to be."

Anthony joined Ian's chuckle."I think it was a mixture of a sperm,an eagle and jigglypuff.

"Yes,indeed!I hope that it means I'll turn into a pink singing balloon that can fly and will have many little balloon babies!",enthusiastically Ian leaned over the railing,eying the glittering white street that was completely covered with snow.Moonlight reflected in the white mass,letting it shine light blue.If you live in California you hardly ever get the chance to see snow so the two boys enjoyed the view for a moment.Every sound from inside seemed to fade away and a comfortable silence settled in.Their shoulders were still touching,a warmth spread through Anthony's whole body,followed by a calmness that made him tired.

Ian was the first who broke the silence:"What do you think our future will looks like?I mean,what will happen to Smosh?Can you imagine us in ten years still doing internet videos?"

Confusedly Anthony looked at his best friend but Ian still stared at the snow covered street,his expression was unreadable.
For a few moments everything was quiet again and both boys lingered in their own thoughts.

"10,9,8..."Voices of people,Anthony barely knew,suddenly began to count simultaneously down.

Would they really do Smosh videos forever?Wouldn't they want to get a "real" job some day?


What about the fans?What would happen if they grew tired of their videos?What would happen if the two ran out of ideas?


"You know,I don't care much about our future,dude.The only thing I clearly see in my head is us,sitting in rockers and goofing around with a kind of ultramodern future cam",Anthony finally answered.


When the first rocket exploded in the sky,Anthony gave Ian a short peck on his cheek.Ian smiled at the brown haired but all he saw were fireworks reflecting in those chocolate brown eyes.
At this day every idiot would have understood Anthony but Ian was still clueless.

Loud music without any clever lyrics but full of bass blared from the speakers and cut through his hearing.Barely clothed girls clung to boys,who even wore their sunglasses in dark club,pretending to dance.Bright and colorful lights burned into his eyes and it was hard to recognize anyone on the dance floor.
But there was one man that he would even see if he was blind.This particular man wore a tight jeans,a light blue shirt and danced right now with a blond slut,who couldn't stop to rub her but against his crotch.
Sighing Anthony turned around and ordered another drink.He just wished this night to end.Just laying in his bed,in his room where no music could hinder him from thinking straight,perfect.

"Hey,do you...um...wanna dance with me",a tall brunette with light tanned skin and a beautiful smile suddenly stood next to him.She was really pretty,her short white dress enhanced her bronze skin and her smile almost dazzled him.

"No,sorry.But I'm not really in the mood for dancing right now.",it was true.

With a disappointed pout she left him alone.Anthony glanced another time at his best friend and the blonde bitch,who danced dangerously close now.Anthony clenched his teeth and turned around,taking a huge sip of his drink.The liquid wet his dry throat and made him feeling a little better,thoughts started to swim and the music was just a dull sound in his head.

"I know that feeling,buddy.Seeing your loved one dancing just with another cheap girl and you just can't stop hoping that someday he will realize that you and him are made for each other."

Anthony didn't turn around.He didn't care about who this smart man was or how he knew that Anthony loved Ian.He just couldn't stop staring at Ian's content face,blue eyes sparkling in the bright lights.

"Are you gonna tell him?",the rough voice behind him asked softly.

Yes,someday Anthony will tell him and then Ian will understand.

Doing sport
Doing sport

"Ian...if we´re done here...I´m going to kill you!",Anthony Padilla breathed heavily,his face red and
clothes soaked with sweat.
"Well,you gotta be way faster to catch me in the first place",Ian Hecox laughed,not one little sign of
effort in his appearance.
Anthony sighed,whose idea was this again?Oh yeah,his.Anthony wasn´t overweight,no,but there was a big difference between being thin and fit.His condition was screwed and sometimes he got tired after just going upstairs.Even Kalel mocked him about it!So Anthony thought that exercising with his best friend could be fun.And here he was now,panting and sweating like he just ran a marathon.
"Could we do at least a short break,please?",the dark haired boy asked,sounding more desperate,than he actually intended.
Ian turned and Anthony gave his best puppy eye look.
"Fine,I think you really deserve a break right now",Ian winked.
"Oh,how fucking generous of you",Anthony scoffed but he was thankful nonetheless.
The two sat down on the next bench while Ian took out a water bottle out of his bag.
Anthony looked around,this place was really beautiful.The sun shone through green leaf canopys and casted big shadows on the ground,some squirrels looked for nuts to prepare for a hard winter,that would probably never come.The grass seemed greener than usuall and also the heaven was incredible blue today.But when the larger boy looked back again at his friend he was met with a blue that made the sky look like a kid´s painting.
"Want some?",Ian held out his water bottle,a questioning look in his eyes,cheeks still red from the running.
Anthony couldn´t answer,he could only look at this gorgeous eyes.His heart suddenly beat faster and his thoughts became a clouded mess.Not again,damnit,he swore mentally.All those feelings weren´t new for him,in fact,he experienced them pretty often the last time.Allways blaming the heath or a possible flu for it,Anthony couldn´t accept the fact that he fall in love with his best friend.He had a girlfriend,okay?!There was no way he could be gay!
"Earth to Anthony,come back from your rainbow and unicorn filled world",Ian laughed and waved his hand slidely in front of Anthony´s face.
"Huh?",confused the dark haired boy snaped back to reality.
"I asked,if you want some water,too.Are you all right?",blue eyes shone with concern.
"Yeah,thank you and yes,I´m alright"
"Was this bit of sport too much for little Anthony?",Ian mocked but still looking a bit concerned.
"Oh,shut up!",it was supposed to sound mad but a small chuckle escaped him anyway.
For some minutes the two YouTubers were quiet,just enjoying the sound of birds singing and the wind wispering in the leaves.An advantage of having Ian as his best friend was that they didn´t always had to talk,sometimes it was just enough to sit together in silence and enjoy the moment.Anthony never had times like this with Kalel.She always seemed to have the need to talk,mostly about herself.
"I love this place.Sometimes when Melanie comes over we come here,too",the voice of his best friend interrupted the silence.
Why do you have to mention Melanie right now?,Anthony whined mentally.And why am I jealous,anyway?Why can´t I just be happy for him?
"Can we go home now?I really need a shower!" ...and a distraction from all those thoughts,Anthony added in his mind.
"Yeah sure,I bet I´m home first",Ian smiled,a challenging glint in his eyes.
"Challenge accepted",Anthony grinned back.
The fact that Anthony ran slower that his friend had,of course,nothing to do with the view over Ian´s perfect ass that he got from behind.

"Home sweet home",Anthony almost collapsed against the front door,brushing a wisp of hair out of his face.
"Dude,I´m really proud of you!I mean of course you weren´t as fast as me but for a freshman you were great",Ian´s face was tomato-colored and his eyes were shining happily.
"Whatever,just open the door,okay?",the larger boy lowered his glance,afraid of his body´s reaction if he looked longer in those gorgeous eyes.Wow,act like a little pathetic school girl,I now have offically reached my lowest point in life.
Ian took out the keys out of his pocket,a loud rattling disturbed Anthony´s wallowing in self-pity.
"You know,I think we should do "Sport Time with Smosh" someday,the fans would love it!",a short crack signalised Anthony that the door was finally open.
With a short "I shower first",he stormed into the bathroom.
"But I won the bet,I have the right to shower first!",Ian protested,knowing that Anthony didn´t hear it anyway.
If you ever tortured your body with doing something stupid like sport then you know that finally standing under a shower afterwards,is one of the best feelings in the world.Well,for Anthony it indeed was.
But it didn´t matter how much water was splashing on his skin,he still felt dirty.His mind was still filled with several pictures of his best friends,crystal blue eyes with a heated look in them seemed to be burned into his thoughts,knowing that this look will never be directed at him but at Melanie.
Tears were running down Anthonys cheeks,flooding away with the water.
After the dark haired boy calmed down a bit,he stepped out of the shower,grabbed the towel,dried his hair and tied it around his waist,every movement monotonous,he felt like a robot.
"What took you so long,I was almost worried!",Ian asked and stood up from the couch.
Anthony didn´t response but he saw his best friend gazing at his body.There was something in his look...was it lust?No,that isn´t possible,I´m a man,for god´s sake!,Anthony reminded himself.
Finally Ian looked him in the eyes and those blue eyes that follow Anthony into his dreams,widened.
"Did you cry,Ant?What´s wrong",the brown haired boy´s voice was smooth and filled with worry.
"No,of course not,man.Crying is for little girls",Anthony lowered his head not wanting to see Ian´s worry anymore.
"Anthony,I´m your fucking best friend,you can tell me everything..."Ian suddely sounded much closer and when Anthony lifted his glance,his blue eyed friend was just inches away.
"I know,Ian but this isn´t something I´m gonna tell you ´cause...", suddenly a soft pair of lips broke his reply.
Electricity flashed through his body and without really thinking Anthony responded to the kiss.When he felt Ian´s tongue tracing over his lips,he oppened his mouth slightly,letting Ian in.Their tongues were having a fight without a winner.
When both had trouble with the lack of oxygen the YouTuber parted.A look of shock and fear of rejection  in both their eyes,but then Anthony smiled and laid his head on Ian´s shoulder.Gently he bit in Ian´s earlope before whispering.
"Take a shower,you smell"


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